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sofball survey

________About you________

1. Name:Jenna
2. Age:14
3. Where you from? Cottage Grove, OR
4. Do you play softball? Heck yes it's the greatest, go JV at CGHS!!!
5. If so what position? 3rd, short, outfeild, and I am starting to catch

_______What is your favorite_______

1. gum: the green extra stuff
2. restaurant: olive graden
3. drink: mountain dew
4. season: spring/ summer
5. type of weather: sunny
6. emotion: joy/ happiness/ the feeling that you get after you win/play a great game
7. thing to do on a half day: what kinda half day?
8. late-night activity:being on the internet/ reading
9. sport: softball
10. city: CG
11: color: blue
12. favorite athlete: idk
13. song: to many
14: movie: the sandlot/ love and basketball
15: food: mashed taters/ sunflower seeds

What kind of things do you like to do?
play softball, listen to music, hang with friends... the usual
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