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Okay, so my travel ball season went well for the most part. Tried out for the team again and didn't make it. Did that keep me down? Nah. I just moved up and now I'm playing in 18U in Indiana. yay. lol.
High School Conditioning starts soon. I'm looking for starting varsity catcher as a sophomore. Pretty awesome and my twin is my pitcher. It will be awesome. A pitcher for my school told me that she would rather me catch her and not the other catcher. It stroked my ego. It happens once in a while and I try to be modest but I really want that spot and take it away from that stuck-up cry baby.
My fall ball went really well, we got runner-ups in the league and the only game we lost we out played them but had one bad inning. Arena ball stars on the 20th the day before my 16th birthday! yay! and yea. SAQ's start Monday. and yea.
ps. my myspace. www.myspace.com/ixhatexyoux <<<<Add it. ^_^
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