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We had a team meeting today, and we handed in our uniforms. It still feels weird that the season is over. It ended so suddenly. Coach announced all the awards people got. We had three first team all-county players, two second team all-county, and one person named to the all-tournament team. Then three of us were Bird's Eye Section V player of the week throughout the season. I got second team all-county, and I was player of the week on May 9th. This isn't bad considering all I did was bat all season. I never once set foot on the field to play defense, which really sucked. Now I have to worry about next year. Coach isn't even considering me for pitching, but I'm not going to give it up without a fight. We'll just have to see what happens next year.

My travel team had our first practice yesterday. I can't wait 'til our first game.
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congratz on second-team!!

i wish i was on a traveling team this summer. the team i have been on for a while decided not to have a team this year so i am out in no-mans land..lol

so good look with travel!!!
Hey I'm out in no man's land too, LoL. All I have is our sucky senior league that is filled with drama. Bluh!
Thanks :) My team just does local tournaments... The same ones every year. I think it would be cool to travel outside of New York for a change, but that's not realistic at this point... I'm lucky because there isn't a lot of drama on the team. We've all known each other for as long as we've been playing.
All of us get along great, but it's the parents. Gosh, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. LoL.
heh i also only batted the entire season becuz our coach is stupid lol. i got named an honorable mention for the county. which is pretty good because my school is mega small (78 ppl graduated the other nite) so the big schools get all the press. we were lucky this year that some people had named our pitcher to all area 3rd team. im playing in a summer league again, our first game is tuesday :)